Thursday, December 24, 2009

8oz Burger Bar- Los Angeles

Before I say anything else, I want to give a big shoutout to Christian Z from the OC Mex Food Blog for checking out my blog, along with The New Diner himself, who also checked out this blog in the morning. Let me just say this isn't a joke, I'm going to keep posting blogs until The New Diner stops posting. If you have a food blog, be sure to link our blog onto your website!
Anywho, today The New Diner decided to do burgers for the 2nd day in a row, and he went to a little spot called 8oz Burger Bar. The blog started off with some huge entry about the anniversary of some guy winning the Heismans. Ok...what does this have to do with burgers? Well TND tells us that Iowa has amazing beef. Really? Ok. Uhh...I'm sure when I pass by a Carl's Jr. I think Iowa. That's like passing by a 7-Eleven thinking that Saudi Arabia makes great gas. Anywho, this is another positive post by The New Diner. He LOVES it. Not likes. LOVES.

But what can we criticize The New Diner about today? The second hostess. Apparently, he got two hostesses in his trip and since the first was off her shift, the second picked up. And the second did not satisfy his needs. She wasn't AS nice or friendly as the first, which translates into -100 points for TND. I swear, come on Burger Bar! When employee training occurs, train your employees to be exact replicas of each other or someone like The New Diner will note this JND of friendliness. You know what Burger Bar? Hire Mormon Missionaires to work. They get trained before their missions in a center in Salt Lake City to make sure they're super friendly and nice.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The New Diner: Favorite Moment of the Week

Leaving a 26 cent tip at Ciudad in Los Angeles. You stick it to them boss.

Russell's in Pasadena

So I read The New Diner blog around 1 AM at night, hoping for another review of HORRIBLE service or HORRIBLE food, but apparently this guy actually liked Russell's in Pasadena. It seems like a pretty family run American dining establishment similar to Daily Grill or even Chill's. The service was actually good so we didn't get to see The New Diner complain about teenagers working behind the counter talking to their boyfriend or girlfriend. Too bad :(
But he always finds some way to criticize something and today it he can get a burger of the same quality from somewhere else for less. Yeah, you tell them The New Diner! Those assholes at Russell's don't fully deserve those $8.95 for a full plate of salad and a juicy burger. YOU TELL THOSE BITCHES!